10k gold price in Canada


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10k Gold Price in Canada

10k gold price is peaking at some of the highest prices in history.  If you have 10k gold jewellery, now may be a great time to think about selling it.  Even though 10k gold is of a lower karat, you should still expect to get a high 10k gold price from your buyer.  If you're interested in selling your 10k gold, simply fill out the form on the right side of the page and we'll send you a gold kit.  You'll receive a prepaid, insured shipping envelope and simple instructions on how to get your 10k gold to us.  Get the 10k gold price you deserve today.

What is 10k Gold?

10k gold is an alloy that is 41.6% gold.  It is 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals (a mix of silver, copper, zinc, platinum, palladium, iron or cadmium).  By combining different metals with gold, many different colours of gold used in jewellery making can be obtained.  See the chart below for common types of coloured 10k gold alloys.  The different alloy compositions effect
10k gold price.


Color of Gold

Alloy Composition

10k Gold - Yellow

Gold 41.7%
Silver 20.3%
Copper 38%

10k Gold - White

Gold 41.7%
Copper 33%
Nickel 17%
Zinc 8.3%


10k Gold Price

Karat Price Per Gram Today
8K $16.88
9K $19.52
10K $21.60
14K $29.25
18K $37.41
22K $45.96
24K $49.85


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